Fake World - Gansaku Seken
Rōmaji Gansaku Seken
Literal English Fake World
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification Genjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

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This genjutsu requires four users and it is capable of placing any number of people within the genjutsu. When used the shinobi within the genjutsu feel like they are moved to another world, giving it the name fake world. While within the genjutsu shinobi are capable of dying. If death occurs to them however the genjutsu is partially broken on them. They appear back in the real world but are unable to move until the genjutsu is broken by the shinobi using it. Those within the genjutsu who suffer death or use excessive chakra amounts can be physically exhausted upon release of the jutsu and may need time to recover before being at full strength. The jutsu cannot be broken by ordinary means of breaking chakra circulation or having someone else force their chakra into them. The only ways this genjutsu may be broken are if any of the four become exhausted or any of the four are unable to remain stationary.

Advanced users of this jutsu are able to see into the genjutsu while not using it or being in it. Giving them a complete view of what is occurring inside.

The jutsu is used by the Kyorigakure shinobi and is used in to practice training methods or in trails of shinobi wishing to attain a higher rank without the risk of death.