Fanon Canon Rebirth is part of Rebirth and follows its guidelines accordingly.

The Fanon Canon Rebirth is a fanon-wide project that starts 35 years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War. It is a collective universe of unsung heroes, powerful new adversaries, splendid shinobi, powerful collaboration capabilities and much more! Anyone can join as well, it is open to all authors on the fanon.

Origins & All About


Main article: Rebirth Geography

Getting Started


Main article: User_blog:Berserkchart486/Sei%27s_Original_Fanon_Canon_Character_Review_Post

Getting Approval

Joining a Village

Starting a Storyline

General Info

Please note the info in these blogs is subject to change and may have changed already. However they do consist of good general info. Please ask around if you need more, especially ask any of the operators for help.





Canon Character Statuses


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