The 4 Feudal Blades are legendary swords which were scattered around the world. Ryuu Kazan is currently in possession of all 4 of them. The 4 Feudal Blades are: The Last Fencer, The Volcanic Edge, The Tree of Sephira, and The Galactic Blade.

Resting Places

  • The Last Fencer: Kirigakure (Sealed away in a nearby temple)
  • The Volcanic Edge: Susugakure (Buried underneath the one of the volcanoes in the surrounding volcano ring)
  • The Tree of Sephira: Konohagakure (Hidden in the nose of the 3rd Hokage's face in the Hokage Monument)
  • The Galactic Blade: Sunagakure (Hidden under the ground under a nearby oasis)

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