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The meeting

Jake was running through the hidden sound village trying to find some leads on where Ryun Uchiha was, when from out of the back of his shadow came a figure that drew a blade. Jake jumped to the side barley getting out of the way in time and saw the man standing there. "Who are you?" Jake asked. "Im Eliwood Ranto" He said back calmly. "HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA Dont you know who I am you Idiot?!" Jake taunted.

The fight kicks off

"Yes I do" Eliwood said as he Charged at Jake and swung at him with his sword. Jake moved slightly to the side and his water body came out blocking his sword with a bone while his other body hit him in the gut with his staff, disturbing his chakra. "You really are dumb." Jake said no longer in a good mood. "Thats what you think!" Eliwood screamed as he stumbled torwards Jake. He took his sword again and started taking different swings at him witch Jake dodged all to easily. "Thats it, no more playing around." Eliwood got some hand signs ready, "Fire Release: Fireball Technique.......But nothing happened and Jake laughed restlessly.

The begining of the end

"So I guess your chakra is to disturbed to use any jutsu" jake smirked " do?..." Eliwood was now in pain. "Brush up on your research on you opponent next time you try to assineight someone" Jake said as he was going to end the battle. Jake rushed at him and Eliwood attempted to dodge but Jakes Water body grabbed him from behind and Jake stabbed him through the the shoulder and summoned his gravity body.

The fight ends...for now

"your stronger than last time" Eliwood said "I dont know you" Jake sighed "But I know you...." Eliwood was starting to lose blood "How do you know me then? Im very curious to know now." Jake was becomming impatient. " I...Helped...Kill...Your clan..." Eliwood was starting to black out. Jakes eyes filled with hate as he activated his Haunted and his gravity body blasted him far away from his sight. "Well shame on you for being weak, Ill let you live but next time if your that weak ill kill you before you blink." Jake said as he went back to searching for his friend.

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