• Name: Final Barrier: Barrier of the Four Great Beasts (四獣の塞門, Shiji no Saimon; lit., The Gate of Four Beasts)
  • Type: Barrier Ninjutsu, S-rank, Defensive or Offensive
  • Range: Short (1-5 m)
  • Hand Seals: Hare → Horse → Monkey → Ox → Tiger → Serpent → Rat → Bird
  • Users: Amejouten Clan (only)

The Amejouten clan's pride and joy jutsu, barrier creation. This barrier is formed by combining First Barrier: Turtle Shell Barrier, Second Barrier: Dragon Tail Barrier, Third Barrier: Tiger Fang Gate and Fourth Barrier: Bridge of the Phoenix Wings. When the four barriers comes together they create a rectangular prison like barrier around the opponent. This barrier is resistant to almost any technique outside of other S-ranks or multiple A-ranks. It is capable of being used for offense by opening the waterwheel created by Third Barrier: Tiger Fang Gate and launching several other jutsu, usually preformed by teammates into the opening. This jutsu takes massive chakra to use and is therefore limited to one use, per battle.

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