Fire Release:Fire Rain
Appears in Anime, Manga
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range Long-range

Fire Release:Fire Rain

The Fire Release:Fire Rain is one if not the most unused Fire Jutsu known to history.

Legends has it that only the Sekengan can stop this kind of technique.many legendary ninjas said that this kind of technique can kill  more than 30% of the worlds population.This Technique can summon upon 300,000 20 foot comets on a matter of 30 seconds  This is very dead cause of duration of 10 minutes.

It so powerful that even darkhearted ninjas is afraid to use it cause it will only result to their own death.however people at Konoha said that Naruto Uzumaki has found the scroll of this technique but just wont admit it. but up to now no one has still saw someone do this technique.but one of Shikamaru's theory is that "no one has saw it before because someone who will see it will later die cause of it's power.if that is wrong them the technique never existed.