• Name: Warrior Ability: Fire Release: Fire Dragon Fury (火遁: 火竜猛威, Katon: Karyū Mōi)
  • Type: B-Rank, Offensive, Short to Mid Range
  • User(s): Kenjiro
  • Hand Seals: Warrior Style of Snake and Ram, Horse, Tiger

Once you perform the hand seals, you inhale air passing through mouth, and utilizing a largest amount of fire chakra, you are able to spew an unbelievable fire breath (the fire forms likely to be a large fiery angry dragon) from their mouth, incinerating all the affected area. Moreover, if you use a weapon, it needs to perform a fire seal of the samurai to activate fire ability, once it activates, you are able to strike the opponent directly. This can more and more deadly when you use Advanced Chakra Technique. Fire Release: Fire Dragon Fury boosts up into Fie Release: Advanced Deadly Fire Dragon Fury which it can destroy everything in your opponent’s area.


Fire Seal

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