• Name: Fire Release: Incinerator Technique
    • Other names: Fire Release: Incinerator Jutsu
  • Element: Fire
  • Rank: A
  • Range: Low
  • Type: Offensive
  • Field: Assassination
  • Classification: Ninjutsu
  • Weakness: Uses a great deal of Chakra
  • Requirements: Chakra, hand seals
  • Chakra Used: Extremely high
  • Hand Seals: Unknown
  • Appears: Kaikinisshoku: Total Solar Eclipse
  • Users: *spoiler tag*

Fire Release: Incinerator Technique is a frighteningly powerful fire Jutsu. When the hand seals are formed, the user breaths a cloud of fire at the opponent's feet. The fire springs forth as a concentrated spring of fire, with flames so intense that the target is burned to ashes. When the fires finally die down, there is nothing left of the target. They are completely incinerated.

Unfortunately, the Jutsu only works on one person at a time. And to create flames that intense, the user must use a great amount of Chakra. The Chakra needed to operate the Jutsu is so great that the user will likely be left quite drained afterward.

(Jutsu created by User:Cyberweasel89, but is welcome to be used by others)

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