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  • Name: Fire Release: Raging Inferno
  • Type: S-Rank, Offensive, Short Range (0-5m)
  • Nature: Fire
  • Hand Seals: Tiger, Snake, Boar, Dragon
  • User: Terra Ruki


An original Jutsu by Terra Ruki. After hearing about Kakashi Hatake's Raikiri, Terra figured he would need a jutsu to counter it. Knowing his Earth nature would be useless aganst the Lightning nature of Kakashi, Terra trained hard to discover his secondary nature, which he discovered was Fire. After mastering a number of Fire jutsus Terra tried his hand at creating one. It was alot harder than he thought it would be. After spending 4 years of almost killing himself, he finally mastered it.


After making the hand seals the user breathes fire onto his hand, using chakra to keep it compressed into a ball. The user then will thrust the ball into his enemy. The result is instant vaporization of the blood, followed by the drying of the skin. After that the body catches on fire and explouds.

Alternate use

Another way of using the jutsu doesn't require as much chakra but greater concentration. The user can call an already existing fire to his/her hand and use that instead of making his/her own. As said this requires less chakra but greater concentration.


Most powerful jutsu have the potential adverse effect on the user and this one is no exception. If the user compresses the fire too tightly in his hand the ball will exploud, possibly blowing the user's arm off.

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