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Fire Release: Spitfire Technique
Kanji 火解放: つばの火の技術
Rōmaji Katon: Kushi-hi
Literal English Fire Release: Spitfire Technique
English TV Fire Style: Spitfire jutsu
Appears in Fanon
Rank E-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

Possibly the weakest elemental Jutsu there is, this Jutsu has very little use in combat. After the hand seals are formed, the user brings their hand to their mouth and is able to spit a series of golfball-sized fireballs. The fireballs move in a straight line in the direction they are aimed at, but move slowly and do not go very far before burning out. On top of that, the Jutsu is too weak to cause any significant damage to an enemy. It's main purpose is to start campfires while camping, making it a Supplementary and Survival Jutsu. Where as Fire Release: Fireball Technique is useful for igniting things such as oil, gas, or wood in a battle, Fire Release: Spitfire Technique has too limited a range to be useful for igniting things in battle. It is a very basic Jutsu that is typically taught to Academy students during survival training classes.

(Jutsu created by User:Cyberweasel89, but is welcome to be used by others)