Fire Style: Grand Lion of Flames
Name: Fire Style: Grand Lion of Flames
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Hand Seals: Rat, Horse, Boar, Ox, Dog
Range: Far
Inventor: Kawahiro Ryota
User(s): Kawahiro Ryota, SJ Crozier
Parent Jutsu: Unknown
Derived Jutsu: None

Fire Style: Grand Lion of Flames is one of Kawahiro Ryota's most powerful custom fire ninjutsu. After performing the correct hand signs the user gather's fire chakra in either their jaws or their hand and release a large ball of flames. The flames will then take the shape of a flaming lion which will then pounce on the enemy. This jutsu was first shown by Ryota when he battled a former Konoha ninja who had attacked him while camping.

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