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  • Name: Fire Release: Ultimate Fireball Technique (火遁・豪火球の術, Katon: Ultimite Goukakyu no Jutsu; English TV "Fire Style: Ultimate Fireball Jutsu")
  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short Range (0-5m)
  • Users: Shinsuke Yamamoto
  • Hand Seals: Snake-Ram-Monkey-Boar-Horse-Tiger-Dragon-Dragon-Rabbit-Horse-Tiger-Dragon

This is a more powerful version of the Fire Ball Jutsu, big enough to burn down a large mansion.

After performing the necessary hand seals, a ninja inhales air via mouth, and utilizing a large amount of fire chakra, a ninja is able to spew a large fireball from their mouth, incinerating everything in range. The fireball ignites externally (as evidenced by Kakashi Hatake's ability to use the jutsu without burning his mask). The Uchiha Clan uses the technique as a "coming of age" technique. Sasuke first used it against Kakashi, who believed Sasuke's chakra hasn't matured enough for the technique. The jutsu can be used as a sort of flamethrower and a large fireball.

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