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Fire Temple

Fire Temple.

The Fire Temple (火ノ寺, Hi no Tera) is a large ninja temple (忍寺, nintera) or shinobi monastery in the Fire Country that strongly resembles the Shaolin Monastery except it as expected contains only Ninja Monks. The monks are led by former Shinobi Guardsmen Chiriku. The Temple is located in an area surrounded on three sides by mountains and a large field to the south. The graves of four of the Twelve Guardian Ninja lie in each of the cardinal directions with the temple in the center.

The grounds of the monastery are surrounded by, under normal circumstances, impenetrable Sealed Iron Gates that considering the Manga and the Anime have only been breached twice. The first was when Sora first unleashed his demon fox's chakra after it was first sealed into him as a child and the second was when Kakuzu used his Iron Body technique to knock the doors down in one punch. There are many statues and images of Tengu and Yamabushi including two statues on either side of the front gates. This is significant as in legend Tengu and Yamabushi taught humans the arts of Ninjutsu. The monks have access to a skill known as "Theurgical Enlightenment" or "Gift of the Gods".

As mentioned before the Sealed Iron Gates were severely damaged during an incident where Sora lost complete control shortly after receiving his infusion of the demon fox's chakra. This resulted in the the injuries of many monks and the monks ostracized Sora ever since. The Temple grounds were later completely annihilated during the course of the battle between Hidan, Kakuzu, and Chiriku and the monks were killed literally down to the last man who managed to escape the aftermath of the battle and inform Konoha.

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