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Firefly Mode
Name: Firefly Mode
Rank: S
Type: Offensive, Defensive
Hand Seals:
Range: Versitile
Inventor: Arashi Kagami
User(s): Arashi Kagami
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

] This is Arashi's trumpcard. He concentrates at least 50% of his Lightning Release Chakra onto his body, this creates a golden aura around it. It allows him flight, speed and strength. It also allows him to fire golden blasts of Lightning Chakra at an opponent. He can also make rods of Lightning Chakra to either pin down an opponent, or create medium sized explosions. As he flies he leaves a golden chakra trail behind him.

When he uses all of his Lightning Release Chakra onto his body, It doubles the speed of his Flight Speed and his Flash Flicker Jutsu. It gives him twice the strength he formally had. It also increases the power of his Golden Chakra Blasts and Lightning Chakra Rods. Arashi is basically untouchable in this level of the jutsu. Even getting near can make it seem like the gravity is getting more intense.

This jutsu is only accecessable to Arashi because he is the only one to use his chakra in this way.

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