• Name: Five Seals Rasengan (5シール螺旋丸, literally "5 Seals Spiraling Sphere")
  • Type: Unknown, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
  • User: Shien Uchiha

This is an Original technique created by Shien after experimenting with the "Rasengan" several times. This version of the Rasengan combines the "Five Elements Seal" technique with the Rasengan to form a unique attack that is infact, very powerful and versatile.

The Rasengan once formed, is coated in the Purple chakra that appears on the tips of the users fingers, turning the Rasengan into a Sphere of light purple chakra. This version of the Rasengan can completely tear through anything chakra-based, destroying it almost instantly, making all defenses used with pure Chakra to be completely ineffective.

The force behind this Technique is of equal strength to the normal Ransengan so it does the same amount of damage to the target's body, but with the added ability of destroying Chakra. A direct hit can also deal a severe blow to the opponent's Chakra Network causing them to lose a large amount of chakra, seal off chakra from the damaged area (Even sealing the Nine-Tails ability to heal wounds with it's Chakra), and can possibly even kill someone instantly if they are already low on Chakra.

This move can also be used defensively to attack a weapon or attack a wave of pure Chakra, destroying it upon contact.

This attack, however, cannot affect the 6th Element in anyway. It only affects "Fire", "Water", "Earth", "Wind", and "Lightning" elements.

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