Fox Step
Kanji 狐歩
Rōmaji Kitsunepo
Literal English Fox Step
Classification Movement technique, Ninjutsu
  • Spatial Release
Rank S-rank
Class Supplementary
Range All ranges
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Fox Fist

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Fox Step or Kitsunepo is a space-time ninjutsu comparable to Flying Thunder God Technique or Madara Uchiha's teleportation technique. The Fox Step, however, is superior to both of those speed-wise, as this technique is very quick to use once it has been mastered. It's based on a similar principle as Fox Fist Method: It opens up a space-time-warp and the user steps through it. Fox Step, however, is even harder to learn than Fox Fist, as it transplants material objects (the user's body) trough the warps instead of just chakra. But if this technique is mastered, it can turn the user virtually untouchable.

The downside of this jutsu is the fact that it's hard to learn, and that the amount of chakra it uses up increases exponentially when the distance increases, making it impossible to use Kitsunepo to travel long distances in one step. However, mastering it can make even longer journeys much faster.

Besides his or her own body, the user of this technique can also move whatever he or she is carrying at the moment with him or her.