• Name- Full Body Mark: 7 Seals (Ippaidou Rakuin: Shichifuu)
  • Type- Sealing
  • Hand Seals- Tiger, Boar, Snake, Ox, Tiger
  • Users- Aiiro Yashaiki

A stronger version of the Enhancement Seal Technique, that involves forming multiple seals along the users body. The seals start of as a black color and as the power is fluxed and used, glow a misty teal. The 7 seals chain together will greatly enhance the users chakra to that of the Legendary Sannin times 5. This jutsu has been deemed powerful but will greatly burn away the life force and muscular system of the user. Because of this, Aiiro limits the use of this technique to twice every two weeks, and she rarely has to use it.

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