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Basic Information

Name : Futago Other Names : Twins

Information : This is a country that is in an other 'dimension' from the Guardians.It is nine years later than the Guardians universe, and has some changes.The Guardians HQ+Kabegakure was destroyed by Kagegakure in this dimension.So they made Futago and Futagogakure(literally village in in 'Twins'.)They have made a special teleportation jutsu along with different hand seals.These ones are from western zodiacs.The council leads Futago and Futagogakure.Futagogakure might as well be Futago.It was founded by Fuyu Eromalc,Haru Mero,Natsu Natsumi,and Aki Kenami.In the same order they had the Teishugan, Elemental Forms, Elemental Forms, and the Nijigan.


It is lead by the council:Scarr Eromalc, Ryan Mero, Taylor Mero, and Cienna Hart.They still are part of the Guardians,but spend more time on leading the country and village.

Genin/Member of the Guardians w/power of Chunin

Chunin/Aid or Lieutenant w/power of Jounin

Jounin/Captain w/power of Kage

Kage/Leader w/power of Gokage Sennin

Primary Jutsu

  • Gemini Seal


n/a,but is friendly with everyone except one.


n/a,but hates kagegakure for destroying the Guardians


Silver is the currency that is used in the Futago/Guardians universes. 1 Silver is about 2.52 Ryo. The Silver is in paper or coin forms, not the mineral silver.

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