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Kid Seireitou 2
Full Name and Kanji Seireitou Hyuga 瀞霊冬 日向
Age 8
Height 4 ft 6 in
Weight 90 pounds
Gender Male
Race Hanyou, Vizard

"Ah.... will I have to go back to school?"
— Kid Seireitou

Kid Seireitou is the Future version of Seireitou Hyuga that was transformed into an 8-year-old by the power of The Darkness Gems.


After the Trials of the Ryukami, Haizo return along with the group. About 8000 miles away, in Inperushima, Kenji was being broken out by The Triads, a group who serve and follow Myoken, who was now Kenji. Kenji smirks, saying that as long as Seireitou was around, Kenji's power could always be sealed. However, the group's "Mountain Master" presented Kenji with The Darkness Gems, 7 gems that were created for the sole purpose of being able to manipulate with Vessel of Ragnarok in any way possible. Kenji is able to confront Seireitou with the desire to remove all of Seireitou's powers to make him feel the same way Kenji did. However, due to several taunting remarks, Kenji gets pissed to the point where he wishes that Seireitou was a little kid (He uses the term "brat") so he could teach him a lesson, to which the gems respond and tranform Seireitou into an 8-year-old. Hikaru is able to chase Kenji away, but shows a shocked response to Seireitou's kid form. Accually, everyone does the same, except for Kurumu who squeals and calls Seireitou, "so cute" and begins hugging him, suffocating him with her breasts.

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