Fuudan Rasudo


Fuudan has short brown hair with two rows of spiky hair going down the back of his head. He wears red clothes that are made for flexibility and fast movement. It also works as a type of armor to prevent him from being cut or hurt. His eyes are red with slightly orange irises. His teeth are unusually sharp as well as his fingernails.


He is normally very enthusiastic and carefree. He is also a bit immature and childish. This changes once he is in his late 30's but he still remains a cheerful person.


Fuudan grew up in the Shadow Village as a member of the Rasudo clan. He was clumsy and not good at any type of fighting or jutsus. He finally managed to graduate the academy at the age of 8. He was placed into Team 42 due to the "Best with the Worst" policy. He was the weakest in his class and the other two team members were the strongest in the class. He failed in the chunin exams the first time he took them at the age of 10. He finally made chunin at the age of 19 but never became a jonin.


  • His kekkai genkai allows him to use the Blood Style (Chiton)
  • He is strongest in Taijutsu


  • Fuudan's name means "always" and Rasudo means "last". It's a reference to the fact that he graduated last out of his class,was the last in his class, and made chunin last.

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