Gama (蝦蟇) is the first Toad named in the series, debuting alongside Jiraiya. Gama is almost always seen wearing samurai armor in battle. When he first appeared in the manga, Gama seems to strike the same type of pose as Jiraiya. This toad seems to be the keeper of the Toad Summoning contract scroll. Gama has not yet been seen talking, only croaking once or twice and mainly in the anime. He wears a necklace with the kanji for "loyalty" (忠, chū).

Part 1:

Chunin Exams Arc:

Gama is first summoned to tongue-whip Ebisu for annoying Jiraiya at the hot springs. He's summoned again soon afterwards to give the contract scroll for the Gama family to Naruto Uzumaki. There he stayed for a little while, while watching Naruto fail in summoning a real toad.

Search for Tsunade Arc:

Jiraiya later summoned him to block Kisame Hoshigaki attack on Naruto Uzumaki.

Rice Country Arc:

His most recent appearance has been during the anime, where he is summoned to save Naruto from Kagerō's Earth Release: Antlion Technique.

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