Age: 18

Blood type: None

Gender: Male

Origin: lived in deaserts all his life

Kekki Genkai: none

Chakra Type: Unknown

Affiliations: puppets, most ninja from village hiden in the leaves, Brother

Rank: Former Anbu black ops

Biography: At the age of 5 he ran away from the village hidden in the clouds to become a leaf ninja but his adventures stopped short when he was captured long ago by Sasori before he joined the atsuki. Sasori tought Genchi the arts of using chakra strings to control people and drain chakra from the person the string is attached to. He is known to love puppets so much he killed his own brother and turned him into a laf human and laf puppet breed like sasori. He is the only known master of the Chakra tail jutsu and multi shadow style jutsu as well as stealing all the puppets sasori owned after his death and salvaging kankuro's old puppets from sasori's battle he owns 7 puppets as of now. He is very out of zone like and wont listen when consitrated on somthing like a rock or dust particle. His nickname is "chibizombie" due to the fact that his first mareonette which got him into puppet jutsu was a chibi like zombie puppet. He is known to copy a jutsu when he is hit with it hence he knows a lot of jutsu. He has a wepon called demon's leaf due to the fact it is leaf like. He looks like sasori in every way except his kacet is not of the atsuki but looks like it and he has blue hair instead of red.

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