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Genjutsu: Loony Time
Name: Genjutsu: Loony Time
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Hand Seals: Horse-Snake-Rat, then palm-face the oppenent's face
Range: Short
Inventor: Unknown person, but assumed to be from mental hospital.
User(s): genjutsu experts and some ninja
Parent Jutsu: Unknown
Derived Jutsu: unknown, though it can be used with drugs and specialized seals.

This genjutsu was created by an unknown person, but he/she was assumed as genjutsu expert and had shown strong hints of being patient of asylum. Its effects on victims are similar to Multi-Personality Disorder, but in offensive version and with sinister twist. According to the medic's report, there have been several gennins and chuunins acting 'crazy','insane','loony',and other words. Hence the name, 'Loony Time'.

The Effects on Victims:

Strangely, this genjutsu only work effectively on person with organized mind and not on person with 'messy' mind. This theory had been tested on several 'volunteers', the ones with different level of organized mind. And the medics have concluded that 'the more organized your mind, the more loony and twisted your mind go' and it seem to be fitting as the genjutsu user(s) would perform the handseal sequences and place on their palm on target's face, transfering his/her chakra into target's body and sending the 'signal' that would travel to and scramble the victim's brain frequency, thus causing huge stresses that even sometime mind wouldn't able to handle it and shut itself out or go haywire. This genjutsu is dangerous to persons with well-organized mind and mostly harmless to persons with less than average mind. If person with between well-organized and 'messy' mind state, he/she would get knock-out and later get painful headache. The other side-effects are unknown.

Here is the common and complex symptoms that Loony Time has effects on:

Well-Organized or Above Average Intelligence : Common: Non-stop gibberish, energy-boost(NOTE: This is not related to chakra boost), non-stop laughing, indicating the 'imaginary' friend(s), illogical/irrational behaviors, and slight drools.

Complex: Significant decreasing in IQ, illogical/irrational behavior, more frequent drooling, high-speed heart rate, unexpected dangerous stunts, insanity, may harm his/her ally(ies), and other.

Example: This would effect Shikamaru and Shino significantly and can/could cause harmful effects.

Between 'Genius' and 'Below-Average Intelligence: Common: Slight headache, dizziness, and rarely short-term amnesia. Complex: Painful headache(after waking up from being unconscious) and rarely longer than short-term amnesia. Example: This would cause Rock Lee(regardless of his conditions) either common effects or complex effects, neither of them are harmful

'Below-Average or Lower Intelligence: Common: Almost completely harmless (though in unknown village, its 'genjutsu' department is still testing it on subjects with below average intelligence for 'unseen' effect). Complex: None. Example: It doesn't affect the Stupid Brothers (two big-boned guys, not related to Akimichi clan, who broke out of prison with Mizuki, but been 'subdued' by Tsunade herself)

NOTES: This genjutsu also doesn't seem to affect the animals. It may due to their primal instincts or related matters. This genjutsu has never been tested against the host of Tail Beast as the 'department' fear the consequences.

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