Hijushiara Genzomoto
Full Name Genzomoto Hijishiara
Highest Rank Jonin
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 158 lbs
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Chakra Type Wind
Kekkai Genkai None
Partner None
Previous Partner(s) Unknown
Affiliation(s) Konohagakure
Classification Jinchūriki (Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle)
Family Unknown

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Genzomoto Hijishiara is the current host to the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle and is thus being hunted by Akatsuki.


Genzomoto, or Genzo for short, is easily recognizable with his pink hair and green tattoos that cover his chest and arms.  He is also usually seen carrying an oversized shuriken on his back.  His eyes are also colored uniquely possibly due to the demon he houses.


Contrary to his appearance Genzo is a quite calm person outside of battle and rarely raises his voice.  This is in contrast with his combat attitude in which he yells quite a bit and uses frequent profanity.  He seems to be a completely different person during his battles and occasionally cannot recall the people that he has killed.


Genzo's fighting style is incredibly unique and fast paced, loaded with flips and barrages of punches.  He also seems to be rather skilled with ranged weapons, which is shown when he redirected a kunai around a corner with a shuriken.  His favorite weapon though seems to be the unnaturally large shuriken that he carries on his back.  Though he is skilled in both taijutsu and ranged weapons, his preferred style of combat seems to be the use of Wind Release techniques.  It would seem that his use of wind is enhanced by his demon.


Genzomoto vs Akatsuki

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