Genzon Sumi means "Living Ink".

This lets the user seal objects so that they became a tattoo on the user's body. The tattoos can be moved around on the body like pushing a boat through water. The user can then remove the object at any given time.

Side Effects

  1. Painful to remove objects from the body. The slower that it is done, the better.
  2. If an object is left in the skin too long and removed, the area that the tattoo covered will bleed.
  3. If the flesh a tattoo is on is damaged (e.g. cuts, burns, etc.), the object is broken as well upon extraction.


  1. The user can not seal a living thing.
  2. Tattoo can not be placed on or travel on damaged skin (e.g. cut, burned, etc.).
  3. An object can only be sealed if there is enough skin to hold it. So the bigger the user, the more skin they have to seal objects on.


It is from the Tsuki clan.


Article by Mr. Monk, cleanup by Cyberweasel89.

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