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Kanji 月涙刀
Literal English "moon tear eye"
Range Short-range

Getsuruigan (月涙刀, "moon tear eye") is the legendary eyes of Soonnim Kawahiru, and the origin of his unique style of dream manipulation jutsu. In his own words, Kamui described the Getsuruigan's power as "tearing reality apart at the seams." When activated, Kamui's eyes take a mystical blue color, which appearance-wise can be compared to that of the full moon, but brighter. It appears that the Getsuruigan has the power to restore chakra and physical stamina in a strange way, as shown when Kamui returned Madara Uchiha's Sharingan back to full power. Those with relatively weak chakra and poor spiritual stability that look in Kamui's eyes have their souls absorbed into his eyes; this event grants Kamui their powers and abilities, regardless if they are kekkei genkai or not.