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Giant Piercing Rasengan




Literal English

Giant Piercing Rasengan

English TV

Tailed Beast-Kimza Skill: Combined Piercing Rasengan


Piercing Rasengan


Appears in

Manga and Movie



Ninjutsu, Collaboration Jutsu, Tailed Beast Skill


Nature Icon Wind Wind Release





Other jutsu

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The Giant Piercing Rasengan is a collaboration jutsu used by Saphiro Kimza and Naruto Uzumaki in the Kimza Chronicles movie arc "Yanche's Revenge" to defeat Konoha traitor and leader of Shiragakure Yanche Uzuba when Naruto's Wind Release: Triple Rasenshuriken wasn't enough.

First Naruto creates a Rasengan with one hand and channels wind chakra into it. After fusing the Rasengan with wind energy, Saphiro uses the Kimza Weapon: Kimza Sword to instill the energy of the Kimza Weapon into the sphere. Naruto then adds the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox into it, creating a giant vermillion sphere with blue chakra encasing it. It can be used a alone, but Naruto decided to use it with Saphiro, rushing towards Yanche together with it.

The power is this jutsu is immense. First, the energy from the Kimza sword tears into any defenses the enemy may have. After the defenses are broken, the Nine-Tailed Fox fueled Rasengan slams into the target, creating imtense impact damage and burning, sending the target with the Rasengan towards the distance until they both collide with an object in their path, causing a huge explosion. This jutsu was strong enough to pierce Yanche's Crystalline Omega Defense and send him hurtling almost a mile away.

This jutsu was added at the end of the movie to give Naruto the classic end of movie feeling; combining his Rasengan with Saphiro, the hero of Kimza Chronicles.

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