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Personal Information

Gonta Kenami is a real gentlemen. He is very swift and is never there when there is trouble. He is usually training with his brother in the training grounds. In offensive situations(fight) he is a total jerk. He is ruthless to anyone and shows no mercy, he slaps girls, does dirty tricks, and plays with your mind. If the situation is stressful, like there is a test going on, he cheats. He is extremely loud in battle and does not show mercy, even if they beg. He is an all time 1st stage cursed seal Sasuke Uchiha. Once his mother dies or retires, he will go into the council. But since Scarr Eromalc knows about his brutality and mercilessness, Scarr will make sure he is trained and reasonable before he enters the council. He is part of the Squad of Scarr Eromalc, with Hikane Eromalc, and his brother Kiddo Kenami. He makes it look as if his facade is real around women and girls, but around boys and men he is a jerk and very uppity. The ladies love him.


He has earth Elemental Forms:

  • Earth Style: Ground Wall Jutsu
  • Earth Style: Spike Throw Jutsu
  • Earth Style: Earth Barrier Jutsu
  • Earth Style: Earth Clones Jutsu


Gonta has no weapon but with hand to hand combat he is one of the best genin. If there were a no weapons fight, only a few people would be able to stop him. He has mastered the Earth elemental from. He creates earth clones all the time to do his bidding.


Gonta has red hair and brown. He has an ear ring on his left ear. He wears a pair brown shorts and a green shirt. He is sort of tall with long legs.

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