• Name: Graceful Fist
    • Other names: Graceful Fist
  • Element: None
  • Rank: D
  • Range: Close quarters combat
  • Type: Offensive
  • Field: Combat
  • Classification: Taijutsu
  • Weakness: Focuses mmore on agility than power
  • Requirements: Agility. A compact form helps, though...
  • Chakra Used: None
  • Hand Seals: None
  • Appears: Kaikinisshoku: Total Solar Eclipse
  • Users: Kyan Sushiaki, Ryoshi Sushiaki, Ryuka Uchiha

The Graceful Fist is a form of Taijutsu martial arts similar to Might Guy and Rock Lee's Strong Fist, or the Hyuga Clan's Gentle Fist.

The Graceful Fist focuses more on agility and grace than power. It is meant to cause external damage through a series of elaborate and fluid movements meant to confuse the opponent while attacking and simultaneously avoiding the opponent's blows. With the Graceful Fist, a small-bodied ninja can easily overtake a larger opponent in battle. This is made evident when used by the small-bodied Kyan Sushiaki. However, it can just as easily be used by a medium-bodied person, as evidenced by Kyan's father, Ryoshi Sushiaki.

Moves commonly done with the fighting style are back flips, knee slides, wall runs, rolls, cartwheels, and jumps of varying heights and distances.

A rather odd quirk of the fighting style is that all attacks made with the style, no matter now minor, must be named as a sign of respect to the opponent. The names are typically thought up on the fly. Due to this, the same attack might have a different name depending on when it is used. Therefore, it would be pointless to list all of the attacks Kyan has used with the fighting style.

Oddly enough, the names Kyan gives to his attacks seem to have been inspired by various video games...

(Fighting style created by User:Cyberweasel89, but is welcome to be used by others)

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