The Gufu clan was a clan that lived 200 years ago as the Land of Weather's most powerful clan. Shiro Gufu was the leader of this group and was able to do excellent Weather Release ninjutsu. On the other hand however, another clan rose known as the Riko clan and letting Sanrei Riko be the leader of it. The two clans were rivals at one time. However, they later signed an alliance treaty and the queen of the Land of Weather (Queen Kisho II) declared that the nation build an economical village named after one of the clans. Because of this, the treaty was broken by Queen Kisho who wAs arrested and killed lter on. The Shiro clan then started war with the Riko clan. At this point, Shiro had killed Riko and was also later sentenced to death along with Queen Kisho at the village that is named after the clan, Gufugakure no Sato.

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