Gyaku Kokutris (Reverse Cockatrice) is a jutsu used by Odayaka, based on and named after the creature of the same name. Using his sword forged from the remains of one of the beasts, he activates all the powers of the cockatrice within the sword. It extends, becomes deadly poisonous, can release a lethal secretion, and can move fluidly and affect areas larger than it would appear to be. It is even more deadly than the Kokutris it is named for, because it cannot be killed, being a sword, and can be mixed with other jutsu. The side-effect of this, however, is that the user is taken over by the Kokutris' nature slowly. This effect activates immediately upon the usage of the jutsu, and becomes steadily worse. It can take nearly a month to completely rid yourself of the effects caused by ten minutes of usage, and any battle can awaken the beast to a greater degree. While using this jutsu to a greater extent, Odayaka may fuse himself and the sword, attaching it to his spine creating a tail and beak. In this form he cannot use its abilities as jutsu as he does normally, but gains the ability to add their effects to his taijutsu. He also uses a form of fighting based on the usage of his sword appendages, and has dveloped another system of fighting, which he calls the Gyaku-Dono, or Reverse Lord. it centers on unorthodox fighting styles, and the usage of the space where his fists are not. While Odayaka's normal Taijutsu is nothing too impressive, though still powerful, this form he has mastered.

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