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Hajimari 始まり,literally meaning orgin) is an associate organization that works for the recently created peace-keeping organization Higure. It has no independent goals as its only purpose is to further Higure's, more specifically, Taka's goals. Hajimari was founded for this exact purpose by Yuugure Saishuuteki who is a fanatical supporter of Taka. Hajimari unlike it's parent organization consists of many members. Each member within Hajimari is an A-Rank Jonin of their village, representing the fact that they are powerful but not as powerful as their parent organization, excluding a few who work as spies within criminal organizations to relay information to Hajimari and then eventually, the Higure.

Hajimari consists of fifty members at any given time. If one member is deceased or killed he/ she will be immediately replaced within a matter of days.

Hajimari like the Higure, has its own headquarters located in an unknown location deep underground. The only way to enter the base is for a member to possess the special necklaces given to group members. Without the necklace, it would be impossible for anyone to enter the base unless they were let in from the inside.

Unlike the Higure, Hajimari does not have a definitive uniform to be worn by all their members.Instead each member of the group possess a special necklace to be worn around their necks with the kanji for obedience on it. This serves as the identification mark of the user as a Hajimari member and as the pass-key for their headquarters. Each member's necklace is different and unique in colour.

In Hajimari, there are no teams or groups. Each individual works alone to achieve a single mission appointed to each one of them.

Known Members

Name Position Reason for joining Job within group Status Necklace colour

Yuugure Saishuuteki

Leader "To serve master Taka" Managing the other members Alive Purple
Ganshiki Co-leader "To achieve status" Noting possible future members Alive Maroon
Hizashi Bokomu Member "To uphold peace" Persuading possible members to join Alive Golden
Heisei Hyuga Member "To attain revenge" Spy;try to infiltrate criminal organizations Alive Light blue

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