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Home country

Land of Foxes


Hotaku Kamateru (summoner)


Land of Foxes, Konohagakure






Akatsuba (younger brother)

Nature types

Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique
Great Blasting Breaktrough (with Hotaku)
Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet

"You certainly pick wonderful situations to summon me in, Hotaku!"
— Hakutsuba to Hotaku after being summoned to fight Kurokage Yomino

Hakutsuba is the personal summoning of Hotaku Kamateru. He is a big, bright-furred fox, big enough for Hotaku to ride comfortably on his back. Hakutsuba is able to speak, an ability shared with most of the summoned foxes. Hakutsuba and Hotaku share a close relationship, and they reqularly make fun of each other even in the heat of battle; Hakutsuba can often be heard claiming Hotaku always summons him in unpleasant places and situations. Hakutsuba also has a younger brother named Akatsuba, who has been summoned by Takatsuke Uzumaki during a training-session.

Despite the friendly wordly guarrel between Hotaku and Hakutsuba, the two are a nearly undefeatable fighting pair, as they are guickly able to come up with strategies that take advantage of the strengths of the both of them and they can also effectively use Collaboration jutsu.


Hakutsuba is known to be able to use both Earth Release and Wind Release, making him a very adept and useful summon. With Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique Hakutsuba can attack an enemy from underground, and he can also use the more offensive Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet. By combining it with Hotaku's Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique he can aid to create the more powerful Great Blasting Breaktrough.

In addition to his ninjutsu skills, Hakutsuba also possesses a considerable amount of leg strength and can jump over high distances. He also has very potent reflexes and a short reaction time, as he was able to evade Kurokage Yomino's Secret Technique: Manipulated Darkness. His fangs and claws make him increasingly dangerous to face in close combat.

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