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This is Hana Uzumaki

Hana Uzumaki was born 38 The Fourth Great Shinobi War is one of the survivors of the Amegakure massacre. Even though she was 16, Hana was still a genin until she became a missing-nin. Not much is known about her past. because she's a "live in the moment" kind of person.

The Amegakure Massacre

The Amegakure massacre taken place 36 years after The Fourth Great Shinobi War. Hana and two other survivors were the killer was stopped by a team of Amegakure Jōnin. After the massacre Hana decided that Amegakure wasn't safe anymore, and left.


Hana has long red hair, like most other Uzumaki clan members. She has light blue eyes, and a black tattoo underneath her left eye given to her, by her father. She wears a grey shirt, with shorts, with her Chokuto on her back. On her left leg she carries herbs, bandages, and other healing tools. As for her feet she wears the standard Shinobi boots that go up to knees.

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