align="center" colspan=2 style="font-size:110%;" Naruto character
Henry Uchiha
Birth Date August 31
Age 13
Blood type A+E
Gender Male
Current Location Konohagakure
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Rank Anbu (Went back to genin under his own will.)
Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Team Uchiha


18 and the half years after the Nine-Tailed fox attacked the Hidden leaf villiage Henry Uchiha became gennin he went on a misoin to get the the feudel lords stolen forbbiden Jutsu. During that mission Henry Uchiha his nickname is Hanami had to fight cal they raf the thief but the thief the theif hit Henry with a justsu called super blade slash he hit him right in the heart causing Henry to lose a massive ammount of blood and chakra with guts he got the stoolen jutsu but he could'nt flee back to Konoha, him his team and their sensei Kitan Hatake fled as fast as they can but he new Henry would die soon but they was close to the fudel lords mansion they went there a hoped they that there would be a medicle nin there but they was unlucky there was'nt any medical ninja there. But the 87 year old 11 tails foxed spirit, they asked him if they could take his fox spirit to save henry he said yes that he would be more than happy to he also said that at least he died saving a life they transfered the 11 tailed fox into henry the fox saw that it's new host isabout to die he uses his chakra to heal henry and henry survives but the old man dies. They gave the feudel lord the jutsu and then fled back to konoha. Henry was'nt born into the uchiha clan he is and uchiha because when the foxes spirit was transfered into him they had to move all of the mans ' s features because his boy was too weak to only transffer tthe foxes spirit the man was and uchiha when the transformation was made Kitan knew hery now posseses the sharingan but did'nt tell him. During his next mission he sees Dan Uchiha on the ground thinking he was dead the then awakened his sharingan with amazing speed he kills te enemy easily withount hesitating by predicting his moves and copying his jutsus, with his sharingan he had tow tomoes in each eye. He then became a master at the sharingan traaining Hikaku Uchiha, he then later activated his magenkyo sharingan by seeing hikaku uchihas brother die in hikakus hands he then activated his magenkyo sharingan witch came with abiliti to to control space and time while fighting the enemy he used this abilitie to go back in time to the enemys past to find out his weakneses and the jutsus he has leanrt he did that under a millisecondcopying from the enemys past red iron blast deafeating the enemy within 4 four minutes.

Chunin Exams arc

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