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"I guess it is only natural for inferior beings to ride on the coattails of their superior counterparts. If they wish to keep their lives, they have no choice but to obedienty comply. It's a never ending chain... as the ones who are burdened with that trust, in order to escape that burden, seek to find someone even greater than themselves. These greater beings then seek others even greater than themselves to shelter them. This is how Gods are born."
Seireitou Kawahiru

Hanmadang (ハンマダン, Gathering of Members) is a group of five powerful ninja, three shinobi and two kunoichi, led by Seireitou Kawahiru. While their main goal is yet to be explained, Seireitou hints that they serve as a peace-defending group in the shadows.

Each member of well known within their own respects, and are S-class in terms of skills and strength. They also each possess their own moniker that defines their abilities and stature in the shinobi world.


Former Members

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