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"You say that you're the cold-hearted bastard, right? Well, I'm the frosty bitch. Pleased to meet you."

Naruto fanon character

Hari Dokuyaku

Hari Dokuyaku
Age 21
Gender Female
Rank Unknown (Jounin-Level)
Chakra Types Fire
  • Assassin
  • Mercenary
Rank S-Class
Classification Missing-Nin
Affiliation Otogakure


Hari is shown to have developed an aloof and indifferent expression towards those around her, if not completely emotionless. Initially, she acts in a cool-headed manner, although commonly expressing a certain extent of sarcasm, wit, and boredom. Her sarcastic humor is a noticeable trait among others, not afraid to speak her mind, although only using it when appropriate. She is non-religious, but is also respective and tolerant of people under religion and tradition.

She is also known to be quite ruthless, merciless, and sadistic when it comes to hunting down her targets. She is not hesitant to use brute force and coercion in order to get whatever is needed to be done. She is also uncaring of the expense of human lives; when spotted by and alarming a 7-year-old boy during an assignment, she slit his throat with a kunai in order to keep him from crying and giving away her position.


Wouldn't Happen to Me


High Intelligence and Experience

Hari is a keen analyst and tactician, deducing an enemy's (or victim's) tactics and strategies as soon as they are exposed. She has an excellent perception of her enemy's movements, and can act flexibly when caught in an off-handed position. She was able to fight on par with Masque, another assassin-class individual of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Hari is debatably one of the most skilled users of taijutsu of her time. During the coup de'tat of Otogakure and the overthrowing of Orochimaru, she was able to single-handedly defeat several Oto-nin with her bare hands, while at the same time protecting her own parents from being killed. Her movements are fast and lethal, akin to the style of the assassin, often hitting the opponent's weak spot straight on when it is exploited. Her precision and accuracy in her attacks have caused many to wonder if she possesses the Sharingan or Kagirinaigan, two doujutsu that enhance the user's eyesight.

Poison Expert

Hari has a high level of proficiency in the utilization of various poisons, and she prefers to use them mostly against her assigned targets. Depending on the type of poision she chooses, the effect will either be immediate or take effect after a 1-2 days. She is known to commonly use them, in order to capture/dispatch her targets when needed.

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