Hasaki Muramasa is a ronin of the highest calibur that was born in Iwagakure.


Hasaki Muramasa
Full Name Hasaki Muramasa
Age 24
Blood type AB negative
Gender Male
Village of Origin Iwagakure
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Rank Jonin
Element(s) Doton, Fuuton
Family Unknown


Wearing very un-shinobi like weaponry, Hasaki wears a white dress shirt and and black pants. Hanging off his shoulders is a large baggy bround coat with multiple straps. He carries around, at all times a Shinken in battle with a red handle and square guard. He las long white hair and black eyes.


An overlly agressive man, Hasaki has a short fuse. He likes the sport of battle and craves blood shed. He is one of Iwagakure's top swordsman, taking the name Hasaki no Araitsurigi (lit. Wild Sword Hasaki). He has a soft spot for the young and old and enjoys sake greatly. He is often seen at bars drinking and conversing with woman.


Skilled Swordsman- Being one of the top swordsman of Iwagakure, Hasaki has gained the title as the Wild Sword. He combines his skill in Wind Release to enhance his blade skills along with moving at tremendous speeds. He has shown to take on multiple targets at once and win with a single blade. His title as Wild Sword was given to him by his odd and unusual sword styles.

Enhanced Chakra- His chakra is incredibly sinister having a powerful toll on his or anothers body. He has shown to pulsate his chakra outward and that it has a green or sage like color. It is often seen when he unsheaths his blade, creating an aura around its blade.

Short Hand Weapons Expert- His skills with short hand weapons such as kunai, shuriken, tanto, etc. He carries large amounts of kunai and shuriken when going into battle and has adapted scrolls and summoning tattoo's along his body to summon them to battle. He has also been shown wielding kami, tonfa and other combat weaponry.

Earth Release- As a child of Iwagakure, his natural element is Earth. He has shown to use use powerful defensive and offensive techniques, as well as area controlling techniques that alter the land in its entierty. His sole strength is enough to prove that Doton is his main element.

Wind Release- His seconday element that is almost completley opposite to Doton. He uses it to amplify his sword techniques and has called it Kaze Zanjutsu or Windy Sword Style. His techniques are smiliar to Sunagakure kunoichi Temari who amplifies her metal fan with wind.


To be added


  • His picture comes from the character Mifune from the Anime/Manga Soul Eater

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