Hazai Kugosashi
Highest Rank Seieibushi
Occupation Samurai, "redeemed" Ronin
Age 30
Height 180 cm (5'10)
Weight 70.76kg (156 lbs)
Gender Male
Race Human
Land of Origin Land of Storms
Nature Affinity Lightning
Affiliation Land of Storms, formerly none
Family None; Orphan
Teachers Unknown

'Hazai Kugosashi (ハザイ久郷寺市; Kugosashi Hazai) was a redeemed Seieibushi ronin samurai that fought in the Second Great Samurai War. Although a ronin via exile at the time, Hazai was promised by the Arashishogun himself freedom from the oppressive laws of the exiled ronin and the his rule. The exact circumstances of Hazai's exile and ronin status remains ambiguous, though it involved a particular samurai's public execution. Hazai Kugosashi was the protagonist of Samurai Rising: Crescent Moon.



Personality and traits

Hazai was largely silent, rarely speaking unless necessary, and even then, his spoke seldom words. He is unsympathetic, callous, and detests the Arashishogun. However, he has a strict personal moral code that, in his judgment, overrules the code of the samurai. It was suggested that this self-code was a contributing reason for his exile. Hazai also believed in honor above all, even in the heat of battle, and expected the same attitude from others, they be enemy or ally.



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