This article, Heisa Kansei, is property of Seireitou.

  • Name: Heisa Kansei (完全にシャットダウン, Complete Shutdown)
  • Type: Ninjutsu; Unknown
  • User: Shōten

Heisa Kansei allows Shōten to literally shut down the energy system of a substance. In the human body, the body's motions are controlled by the electrical impulses sent from the brain through the nerves. Heisa Kansei allows this movement to be shut down, allowing temporary paralysis of the body. This is done by a hand motion made by Shōten, and can be preformed at any time. This ability seems to extend to animal movement as well; more importantly, this technique also possesses effect on anything run by energy. Jutsu that is either in use, or in premature form, can be "shut down" by this technique in a similar way. This is done by halting the energy flow or "rotation" of the chakra, and halting that which causes the jutsu to completely fall apart; should the jutsu be formed already, out in the open, or still being shaped, makes little to no difference.

However, it is not without limit. Similar to the Shinra Tensei, Heisa Kansei also possesses a time limit inbetween each use. While it has yet to be confirmed how long exactly, Seireitou was able to roughly measure out a timespan of 7 seconds inbetween each use of Heisa Kansei.

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