Hejin Hyoton is one of three Masters of the Halls of Kekkei Genkai. He has two Kekkei Genkai, as he was the son of one of Haku's clan members and one of the clan of the Yondaime Kazekage. He took the name Hyoton because neither of his parents ever told him their last name before they died. His two Kekkei Genkai are Hyoton, Ice Release, and the Iron Sand ability. These two compliment each other well, because whether he is in a dry place or a wet place, cold or hot, Hejin can use his environment to defeat his opponent. He always carries with him a sharp metal bar, not to use against his opponents, but to file down and create more iron sand. He also carries several iron filings for the purpose of using to file the bar. he is known for being able to use the two in conjunction, as shown in his Glacial Chain technique, where he uses the two to bind each other together and increase the overall impact and power of the technique.

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