Hidden Technique: Sōdai Hakai
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Hidden Technique: Sōdai Hakai at work.
Rank SS
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Dog, Boar, Rat
Element/Type Yin, Yang, Wind
Inventor Itai Uzumaki, Kami Ōtsutsuki
Derived Jutsu

Tenpenchii, Disaster Release Technique: Storm Of Hell


Ken'nu Uchiha, Seikatsu Ketsueki

This particular jutsu was designed to wipe out humanity. The first half was designed by Itai Uzumaki, via Disaster Release Technique: Storm Of Hell. The second half was designed by Kami Ōtsutsuki, the first human being to use Tenpenchii without the Ten-Tails present, or use the jutsu period. When the two jutsu were combined, they create Hidden Technique: Sōdai Hakai. It's current user is Ken'nu Uchiha and Seikatsu Ketsueki.

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