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Naruto character

Age 11
Blood type Unknown
Gender Female
Current Affiliation Futago
Kekkei Genkai Teishugan
Current Location Eromalc grounds
Village of Origin Futago
Rank Genin

Personal Information

Hikane Eromalc is is the daughter of Scarr Eromalc and a woman that will not be named,but they are married.She is all kitsune and has already grown 2 tails.She is very skilled in fire based jutsu.Hikane has just passed the exams and became a Genin of Futagogakure.She is in the team under her father and with two Kenami brothers,who's mom is Cienna Kenami.She has been privately trained by her father for the past 3 years.She has yet to activate the Teishugan.She has a twin brother named Soto Eromalc,but Hikane is older by a second.Soto will become clan head because Hikane is going to be part of the council when Scarr passes the job down.When she does become a council member,the Natsumi clan will be in the council again.She is very sarcastic and likes to tease enemies with lines like 'Cant touch this' because she is very swift.she is very responsible when being spoken to by an authority figure.She isnt very fond of Kiddo Kenami, one kenami on her team.The other is Gonta Kenami.


  • Hell Fire

and much more.


She is very skilled with fire techniques and the short katana she owns.It is twenty pounds and she trains with it the hardest.


She is pretty much a sakura with long dirty blonde hair.She has red eyes and usually weras a pink top and navy blue shorts or pants.

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