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Hikari Marionette

Age Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Affinity Unknown
Affiliation The Watchers
Village of Origin Unknown
Rank Repair and Maintenance
Occupation Watcher
Sensei Previous repair expert
Watcher Breast Size Ranking #1

Hikari Marionette (Marionetto Hikari) is the repair expert of The Watchers.

"Hikari" translates to "light" in Japanese. It is a very common Japanese name.


Due to the traditional memory wiping, Hikari does not remember her life before becoming a Watcher.


Hikari is very shy, very insecure, and very timid. She is heavily self-conscious and prone to blushing heavily at the slightest mention of her breast size.


So far, all that has been revealed is wooden hands with doll joint fingers.


Other than the brown cloak uniform of The Watchers, Hikari wears wooden clogs on her feet.


Hikari can reverse time to fix objects and heal wounds. In extreme cases, when an entire landscape has been leveled, Hikari can use Reverse/Rebirth to restore the area to what it was before, even restoring any lives that were lost in the crossfire.

She can also minorly manipulate the energies of time, allowing her to gather particles of time energy, called "Chronotons", for use as a projectile. But Hikari mainly relies on her whip for combat.

In addition, she is quite good at cooking, doing laundry, and performing general household chores. This is because she is often stepped on by the other Watchers, who force her to perform the mundane tasks around their base such as cooking for them, and even washing their linen.


  • Chronoton
  • Chronoton Shower
  • Currents of Time
  • Echoes of the Past
  • Lady's Thong
  • Lashings of Love
  • Memory Remains
  • Reverse/Rebirth
  • Serpent's Bite
  • Time Heal
  • Time Repair
  • Twin Dragon Lash
  • Whiplash
  • Wooden Puppet Body Animation


  • "Um... uh... Hi!"
  • "Meep!"
  • "M-My b-breasts aren't that big!"
  • (general blushing and stammering)
  • "Um... Why... Why do you... Why do you fight?"
  • "Eeeeek!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "You're not like the others... you're nice..."
  • "Why are you... being so nice... to me?"
  • "Nee-chan... Have you ever been in love?"
  • "P-please... tell me what love is!"

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