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Hikaru Gekkou

Hikaru Gekkou

Hikaru Gekkou
Status Active
Highest Rank Kage
Classification S-Rank
Birthdate December 23
Age 22
Gender Male
Religion Luongism
Blood type O+
Affiliation Ryugakure
Previous Team Team 5
Occupation: Fifth Kaidakage
  • Kana Gekkou (father)
  • Toshi Kyoto
  • Keiko Namarake (lover)
  • Hayate Gekkou (cousin, deceased)

Hikaru Gekkou is the fifth and current Kaidakage. Like his father, Kana Gekkou, he is intelligent and has mastered many of his village's jutsu.

He is the youngest and possibly most skilled in the Kaidakage-line.

He is the lover of Keiko Namarake, and has also come into possession of the Dragon's Arc.


  • Hikaru and Niko Battle Music: [[1]]
  • Brothers Reunite: [[2]]

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