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Hikaru Hoshei is a ninja of Konohagakure. He is the son of Juchiro Hoshei and Misa Kotaro who are both chunin of Konoha.

Hikaru Hoshei

Hikaru Hoshei
Hikaru Hoshei
Hikaru Hoshei


He has medium length black hair that lies back from his face. His green eyes twinkle with the brightness of a young man who looks to the future with hope. He wares a short brown coat that drapes over his broad shoulders. Under his coat he wares a blue t-shirt that’s tattered at the bottom from the continuous ware and tare from training in it. He has on a pair of long black pants held up by a brown belt. He also wares over his shins a pair of leg protectors that have many scratches and dents from training. He wares a pair of thick black boots which underneath have large leg weights on them.


He is the first son of Juchiro Hoshei and Misa Kotaro. Neither of these two is high level ninjas nothing higher then chunin nor is it expected that their son Hikaru won’t be much better either. He has had average grades in the academy learning the jutsu at a normal pace and not showing much promise. However he has declared several times that he would become strong enough to protect those he loves. He is currently part of team Kiyomi lead by Yukiko Kiyomi, his team mates are Tenshi Fuyutama , and Sadow Yastumaru.


As of his graduation of the academy he is bright eyed and hopeful for the future. He does what he can to get better but also understands that he must also take it easy sometimes.

Fighting Skill and Jutsu

He fights like a mediocre genin. He has a fairly decent level of chakra and remembers the jutsu he’s learned fairly well. He knows the basic academy jutsu plus a couple more he’s put together himself. He has a d rank ninjutsu, d- rank genjutsu, and d rank taijutsu. However when protecting someone he cares about his abilities more then double. However he is still a genin and doesn’t have a lot of experience. He uses no real weapons but shurikens and kunai.

Jutsu: Clone Technique, Transformation Technique, Substitution Jutsu.

Earth Style: Raging Stone: A jutsu that allows the user to channel chakra from the hands into the ground sending debris flying upward towards the enemy.

Wind Style: Spinning Dirt: The user crushes earth in their hands and using chakra blows on it creating a dirt storm allowing them time to escape.

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