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This article, Hinote Uchiha, is property of Hinote Uchiha.

Naruto character

Hinote Uchiha
Age 13
Gender Male
Blood type O
Village Konohagakure
Rank Chunin
Kekkei Genkai Black Sharingan
Weapons Dragon's Blade, Mega Shuriken, Bomb Tags, Scrolls, Shurikens, Kunais
Summoning Salamanders
Element Hearts Fire

This is me, Hinote Uchiha. I am a chunin in Konohagakure or The Village Hidden In The Leaves. I am just a regular chunin, other than being one that is thirteen. Though many other chunin are thirteen as well. I have regular stats as a regular chunin. Though there is one unique ability I posses that no one else can. My mother was from the Uchiha clan. She had alot of boyfriends, so that I have hears. She umm, how do I put this, do dirty things with other villagers including those of other clans. Well when I was born, my eyes were already in the sharingan form. The only problem was that the color scheme was reverse. It works like the regular version of a sharingan. There is one new feature though. I can copy any jutsu, including some kekkei genkai. I can copy it only in battle, except that I don't learn it unless I copy it 5 times, this only applies to the regular jutsu. I also posses a dragon sword. It is possessed by a dragon with evil intentions. It is hard to use it on missions because it tries to control me. Well anyway, I will happily except missions and join together to help on others missions.

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