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Hikaru Sa Falnrii

Radiance Blossoms輝 花Hiraku Sa FalnriiHiraku, Sa


September 30th




5ft 2in


23 kg



Blood type




Home country





Haya Michi and Monomatari

Previous partner(s)

Gorou Hyuuga and Ryo Inuzuka


Rouge Shinobi

Previous affiliation(s)

Village Hidden in the Leaves


Rouge Shinobi

Previous occupation(s)

Shinobi (jonin) of the Leaf

Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Jōnin Prom. Age


  • Fire Release: Flame Bullet
  • Earth Release: Mudwall
  • Lava Release: Lava Geysers
  • Lava Release: Lava Globs
  • Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique
  • Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Kunai
  • Shuriken
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Hiraku Sa (輝 花) (Radiance Blossoms) Falnrii is a shy, quiet woman. She has had a troubled past, and still has a number of issues related to that sad story. Hiraku Sa Falnrii, Hiraku or Sa for short, is a 32-year-old Jonin Rank rouge shinobi from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. She specializes in using Lava Release jutsu, and is quite skilled at it. She had both Fire and Earth nature chakra, and has skilled control over that chakra. She even has a lot of it, had she remained in her village she could very well have become Hokage eventually. As it is, she left for personal reasons and hasn't looked back more then five times. Hiraku is considered to be a strange person, do to her... issues with others, namely males of any age over 11 or so.


Hiraku Sa Falnrii is a small woman. At 5ft 2in, she isn't what anyone would ever call an "imposing" figure. She has a nicely shaped body though, and is very beautiful. Hiraku has slightly tanned skin, carmel-brown eyes, and a sad face. She always looks like she's about to start crying or tearing up, even her smile is sad. Her smile has been said to "be able to break a mans heart" by several, including her friend Haya Michi. Hiraku has long hair, 3ft 7in long. So long, in fact, that it stretches all the way down to below her waist, and then a little more. Her hair is dark grey in color, and has a slight sheen to it, as though it's reflecting the moonlight. Hair the color of storm clouds, but with a silver lining.

Hiraku's clothing is simple, a skintight pair of pants, with a well fitting shirt, somewhat loose at the wrists and ankles. Both the shirt and pants are black, and neither are designed to show off her body in any way. Hiraku wears under that wire armor, which covers her entire body, from the neck down to the ankles and wrists. She also wears bandages over her wrists for reasons no known to most. Hiraku has a coat, dark grey in color, which she wears when outside or in bad weather. Besides that she has a belt, also grey, carrying her ninja gear, money bags, and other objects she considers important to her.

Hiraku wears only one piece of jewelry, a single golden ring around her middle finger on her right hand. She does not take this ring off, no matter what. Not even when taking a shower or bath or in battle. She would sooner lose the finger then take off the ring. She also wears her headband, complete with the slash across it from when she left her village forever.


Hiraku is skittish and shy. She doesn't like to be alone with others, regardless of where or who they are, and seems as though she is always frightened of something. She is also a gentle person, she doesn't like hurting people who haven't hurt her, especially not children or younger shinobi (under the age of 14). When she is faced with such a situation, she usually just knocks the enemy or people she's facing out, without doing any major or permanent damage. Hiraku is also very modest, she wouldn't wear revealing clothing if her life depended on it. As well as being modest and shy, she also has a defiant streak to her. If she doesn't want to do something, she wont' do it. Ever.

Due to her troubled past, Hiraku has a number of strange quirks and issues that generally make others a little uncomfortable around her. She can't be touched by men, if she is she freezes up and starts wailing "Don't touch me, don't touch me." If someone, male or female, touches her hair she freezes up and starts wailing "don't hurt me, don't touch me." It's rather sad, actually. Hiraku can't be with men alone in the same room as them, and she gets very nervous when near large numbers of men. Needless to say, she doesn't have any sexual relationships with anyone, male or female.

On top of the fear of being touched, Hiraku also gets twitchy when people talk about sex or related subjects. If people do, she will either try to turn them away from the conversation or just clam up and fall silent. When Hiraku is stressed or frightened or scared she puts on this mask, hiding her emotions. She's had years to master this mask, and can hide her emotions through almost anything.

As if all that wasn't enough, Hiraku has attempted suicide in the past, and sometimes she still wishes she was never born, or that she had died a long time ago. She trys not to do anything that could be considered 'self-harm' but sometimes she slips and hurts herself when she's feeling really down. She has good days and bad days. On a good day, Hiraku can look and act like a normal human, even to the point of talking to men alone in a room, though she will put her mask on to hide her fear. On a bad day, Hiraku may do anything from hurting herself and contemplating suicide to simply being more touchy then normal, more easily scared or frightened, more easily frozen in place.

Hiraku can sometimes be very frank, saying exactly what she thinks without regard to others feelings or opinions. This can get her in trouble, and she trys not to do it. When she does slip, she is generally very apologetic, asking for the others forgiveness almost to the point of it being annoying.


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Before the 'Arcs'

Hiraku was an ordinary girl from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, until her parents died in a horrible house fire. She was only seven at the time, so this was understandably traumatic for her, but she has learned that fire is a tool, a dangerous one, but still just a tool. After her parents died, Hiraku was taken in by her uncle, who was a mean, nasty person. He often came home drunk, or worse, and forced her to do chores and clean up after him. If she didn't, he would punish her by beating her, usually with a belt or with an empty (or full) beer bottle. Hiraku learned swiftly to work hard at everything she did and expect no thanks or acknowledgment, but it still hurt that he never once thanked her or complimented her. Her uncle also smoked both cigarets and cigars, and didn't give one damn that she was suffering for it. He was a very self centered person.

Hiraku went to the Academy to train as a shinobi, which her uncle couldn't have cared less about. She wasn't took good at being a shinobi, she had no experience and was there not because of a parent who was a shinobi, but because she wanted to be strong, and to prove to herself and others that they were wrong, that she was worth something. She packed her own lunch, did her own laundry (and her uncles) and cleaned up the house, oftentimes cleaning up her uncles beer bottles and cans, or his cigarets and cigars. She was often bullied do to her situation, and due to her lack of prior ninja skills and knowledge.

Hikaru wakes up in the morning, quarter of five, to start with her daily chores. She starts up the laundry, cleans up after her uncles late night messes, and then starts making breakfast. While breakfast is cooking, Hikaru also makes her lunch and hides it in the back of the fridge, making sure to put it on the bottom shelf where her uncles beers aren't kept, knowing that he usually never bothers to look there. At about six thirty, her uncle wakes up and comes down for breakfast, which she has already waiting for him on the table, with his usual early morning beer and a pack of smokes. At about seven-o-clock, her uncle leaves for his work, and she makes her own breakfast. Sometimes, if his breakfast is cold, she gets an empty or full beer bottle thrown at her, she's grown good at ducking. After she finishes off her breakfast, which usually consists of some toast and an egg or two, unless she's lucky and can get some bacon that was leftover. She then takes out her lunch and puts it on the table so she doesn't forget about it, heads downstairs to the basement and moves all the laundry over one load, heads back upstairs and cleans up after breakfast, then grabs her lunch and heads off to the Academy. Once there, Hiraku goes through the usual routine of classes, being bullied ("You loser, your never going to be anything more then a tramp"), does all her work as she's told to, and then spends the rest of her free time writing, which she likes to do. After school is over, she hurries home to avoid bullies, though it doesn't always work (she's been cornered in an ally before, and only just got away) and to get home before her uncle. Once home, she moves the laundry over, makes sure the house is clean, and every Monday and Thursday she goes out to the store and gets food for the next week. Hiraku then makes sure to stay out of her uncles way so that he doesn't punish her or think of other things she could be doing. If her uncle passes out drunk, she makes sure he's comfortable and then finishes up anything she needs to do before she starts dinner. Once she's done her uncles dinner, he eats, goes to bed, and then she makes her own, and finishes the day with homework or some last minute chores, going to bed at about ten or eleven at night.

Over time, Hiraku became stronger, better at jutsu and more skilled at her chakra control. She also becomes better at controlling her emotions, learning to hide them behind a mask that not even her parents would have been able to see through. She doesn't make friends, as she's always too busy doing housework, and is always nervous of her uncle harming them in one of his drunken fits of rage. When Hiraku turns eleven, she passes the graduation exam, though it takes her three tries, and enters the Leaf Village Shinobi as a genin of team three, ironically this is the number of tries it took for her to get there. Her teammates are Gorou Hyuuga and Ryo Inuzuka, with her teacher being Misaki Sensei. With this team she goes on a number of lower level missions, completing 13 D rank and 7 C rank missions, while failing 2 D rank and 1 C rank mission.

"Never Give Up" Arc

After a year or so of working with her team, the Chunin Exams come up, and her teacher, Misaki, says her team is ready, though she has doubts about her weakest member, Hiraku, will be successful. Hiraku agrees, but during the written exam her will breaks, she decides to withdraw from the test when the "Answer wrong and you out. Forever" part comes up. She needed to become a powerful shinobi, it was the only way she could think of to ever be free of her uncle, and of people saying she's a loser. This disappoints her teammates, but they aren't surprised, saying only that they had expected as much. This ticks off her sensei though, and when she's out getting food for her uncle she overhears Misaki saying to another teamleader that she had wanted a better student then Hiraku. Specifically, Misaki says "Why'd I get stuck with the loser girl with no skills anyway? I should have had...", but Hiraku doesn't hear the rest of it because she runs away crying.

After the chunin exams and having seen just how weak her team and teacher think she is, Hiraku starts to put ten times the amount of effort into her training, so much so that she grows tired more often, and seems ever so slightly sick. She starts going out to train at night, after her uncle has fallen asleep, to train. She taps into her kekkei gengai, though she doesn't know what it is until she does some research into it, and starts working on her Lava Release jutsu, creating several that are entirely unique to her, and developing several fire style jutsu that have been created before, but she creates them on her own. Because of her quiet and secretive nature, she doesn't tell anyone about these, and hides that she even has a kekkei gengai from her team and teacher. She learns to control fire and earth simultaneously to a degree rarely seen in the Leaf, and no one even knows it.

As she masters her jutsu. Hiraku also becomes stronger, increasing her stamina and skill levels. She can now do more work in less time, which gives her more time for training. She trained herself to the fullest of her abilities, and she did so without letting even one person in her village know.

An average day for Hiraku now consists of waking up at a quarter to five, making her lunch and doing the laundry. By six she has breakfast ready for her uncle and then at about seven she's eating her breakfast. After breakfast, she moves on to training with her teammates, where she purposely lowers her skills by a decent portion, not allowing for them to see any of her Lava Release jutsu, which she considers private. After she's done training with them, she goes out to her training spot and proceeds to train with weapons and taijutsu, which she is weak at. Once it gets later, she heads home and makes her uncle his dinner, listening to him complain about his "damn job" and then about her not having a steadily paying job, then about anything else he can think of. Once he's off to bed, she goes out to her training ground again, working on her Lava jutsu and other jutsu. She then goes to sleep around twelve or even one in the morning, completely exhausted but happy about how much she's improved.

She continues to do this kind of training throughout the summer, mastering her fire style, earth style, and Lava Style jutsu, with her only flaw as it were being that she doesn't have the chakra reserves to use most of her jutsu safely. She unknowingly opens her first and even her second chakra gates several times during her training, but she never realizes what she's done. During this time she develops her Lava Tsunami, Lava River, and Fire Ball jutsus, as well as her Moving Earth Core jutsu.

"The Chunin Exams, Second Try" Arc

Hiraku and her teammates, Gorou Hyuuga and Ryo Inuzuka have again been sent into the Chunin Exams, and this time Hiraku is determined not to fail, regardless of how difficult it is for her. She will not let her teammates down this time!

A Forest of Surprises

Hiraku and her teammates head over to the testing site, where they have to get past the people who try to trick them, and then where they wait with all the others. "Just try not to run away this time, okay Hiraku?" Hiraku nods, nervous but refusing to back down. As they enter the testing room, and listen to the proctor tell them the rules, she only half-listens, knowing that she's not going to be doing any cheating. She gets through the test perfectly fine, not having any issues with questions and not backing down like last time. Unbeknownst to her, an individual by the name of Haya Michi was watching her. He liked her eyes (so sad an lonely and beautiful) and he liked her face (it looked brave). Besides his interest in her, there was nothing really important that occurred during this part of the exam.

After they finished the written exam, they were told to show up at the Forest of Death the next day. When they arrive, they are given an Earth Scroll, and told to get a Heaven Scroll, in any way possible. "Lets not screw this up, okay Hiraku? Just try to do as your told and don't die." Such is Gorou's only comment to Hiraku as they enter the forest. Hiraku only nods, she's not planning to do any dying in this exam. They start to travel in a sort of circle, planning to spiral into the center with the hopes of finding another team on the way in.

The first night goes by without any attacks, except by a large tiger which is driven off rather swiftly by Hiraku's teammates. She doesn't attack it, isn't given the chance to. She sets up camp while her teammates rest and recover from the tiger's attack. They don't comment on her ability to set up camp, though they do both take notice of it, with Ryo commenting to Gorou "Well, looks like the camp's going to be set tonight... wonder if dinner comes with it?" Dinner did come with it, she used the supplies they had brought with them to make a decent meal. The next morning hey wake up and see that Hiraku has already made breakfast for them, using some more of the rations, and that she's already packed up the campsite except for their specific blankets. That interests them a little, Gorou comments "It's like she was born to be a servant. Why did she bother to become a shinobi at all, would have been smarter for her to just give up and become a servant." But Hiraku pays him no mind.

Later that day, around noon, a group of three Rain Ninja attack Hiraku's group. She tells her teammates that she can handle it, and they both grin and say "Well, if your so sure about yourself..." Hiraku, seeing that they are quite clearly expecting her to fail miserably, decides to shove her new ability in their faces. She turned to face the attackers, who literally laughed at her face. She looked at them without any emotion, then made her hand seals. Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Snake, Tiger(hold) and then the ground in front of her started to melt. The enemy ninja stopped dead in their tracks. Her teammates are startled, what was up with the lava, where did this power come from. Hiraku's eyes are closed, but then she opens them. As she does so, the lava starts to surge forward in a blast of energy, fiery and powerful. The surge of lava becomes a wave, then a solid wall. "Lava Tsunami!" Hiraku says, completely calm as the wall of chakra infused lava hurdles itself toward her enemies. The wall of lava hits them dead on even as they start running, and not only that, it devastates the land in front of her, scaring birds and animals away from the waves path, and setting the entire portion of the forest aflame. Hiraku turns away from the devastation with that same, strange mask on her face. Her teammates stare at her, utterly shocked by the power she just displayed.

Hiraku takes one step toward them, then collapses into a heap on the ground. "Hiraku!" Her teammates run over to her, and swiftly gather her up and move the entire group to a safer spot. Their safer spot is over in a small clearing where they can see anyone coming from a distance, and where their jutsu is most affective. Gorou and Ryo put Hiraku onto a mat, and even cover her up with some blankets. She's still unconscious, so they set up camp. "This is harder then it looks." "Yea, I know. How does she do it so quickly?" "Maybe she's just better then us...?" As they work at setting up the camp, taking far longer to do so then Hiraku had ever taken, others are watching...

Hiraku remains unconsious for the entire next day, forcing her teammates to watch out for her and gather and make all the food on their own. When night falls, they are both thoroughly exhausted. Gorou stays up for first watch, and does fine, but then, when Ryo is up for the watch, he falls asleep near the end of it. When he wakes up, it's to Gorou yelling "You moron! How'd you fall asleep? Who cares, we're under attack!" Ryo leaps up and into battle, along with his dog, Yoshi. The two fight, using such jutsu as "Fang over Fang", "Man-Beast Clone" and even simple tai jutsu. Meanwhile, Gorou uses his Bakugan with the "Eight Trigrams Sixty-four Palms!" tenique to take out one of the enemies. Unfortunately, that left one extra that neither had aimed for. This extra attacked Yoshi, capturing him and then fighting the other two. Despite his capturing Yoshi, the last ninja was doomed to fail, he was one, they were 3 (including Yoshi). He went down a few moments later when Yoshi distracted him by biting, and then Gorou came in and finished him off with his 64 Palms. They managed to get ahold of a Heaven Scroll from the battle, so now they had both.

Through all of this, Hiraku still slept soundly, completely exhausted by her efforts with the first Lava Tsunami she set off. When the battle is over, her teammates take notice of that, commenting "Wow... she slept right through that whole thing... she must really be outta it." They then start to recover from the battle, relaxing and taking a breather, and wondering when she's going to wake up. Hiraku doesn't wake up until latter in the night. She wakes up, and sees Gorou sleeping soundly leaning against a tree, with Ryo out cold in his bed. She puts Gorou in his bed and sets herself up for the next watch, re-starting the fire, but staying away from it so that she can still see in the dark. And a good thing, too, because Haya Michi's team attacks next, in the middle of the night.

Haya Michi and his two teammates, Mami and Taichi, attacked at about midnight, from the opposite direction that Hiraku was looking in at the time. She turned back when she heard a branch break, and saw them coming. In an instant she was on them, shooting fireballs and using her earth style jutsu to attack them. Haya used his earth style to render hers useless, while Mami used her Water Style to cancel out her Fire Style. She did, however, wake up both her teammates and Yoshi. They jumped into the fray, but were all still tired from their battle earlier. Hiraku was still at less then 100% due to her Tsunami jutsu, so she couldn't use anything major. She did, however, use Lava Release:Lava Globs to hit them, and since it was considerably more powerful then either earth or fire style jutsu alone it worked, for a time. But then her teammates reached their limit, and were forced to retreat. She told them to run, and then set herself up to use the Lava Tsunami again. Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Snake, Tiger(hold) Hiraku activated the jutsu again, and even though she felt completely exhausted, she managed to melt the ground around her. The ground turned an ominous read in color, getting redder and redder until it was cherry red, then the lava broke the surface. It started to rise up into the wave, growing to the size of it's normal hight. Then Hiraku suddenly felt a massive surge of power and the jutsu doubled in size. The Wave was bearing down on Haya and his team, who were staring at it in horror.

In the tower, looking out over the forest, the proctor saw this massive column of lava, lifting and rising up, higher and higher. Taking the form of a wave at the top, smoking and burning and lighting up the forest all around it. Wow, what ninja is using THAT? They must be powerful... very powerful...

Then, the surge of power broke, sucked out of her by the size of the jutsu. She lost all control over the wave, and then the wave started to collapse. Strait down it went, right at her. Then, a strange wind current caught it, and the top of the wave started to tip towards Haya and his team, who fled in terror. Meanwhile, at the base of the wave, Hiraku was unconscious again, wiped out by the jutsu she had attempted to force. Her teammates rushed to get her before the wave did, and only just pulled her out. Her arms and legs, however, were badly burned by the jutsu's unexpected failing, and she was obviously not going to survive forever like that.

In the tower, the proctor watched as the column of lava collapsed on itself, tipping to one side as though it had just enough power in it to aim for it's target on the way down. Hope no one was down there, they're probably dead now...

Hiraku's team manages to rush her back to the tower, and they get in when Hiraku wakes up for a few moments, just long enough to groan "Let us in, we passed damn it." nothing more. Her teammates take her to the hospital portion of the tower, where she will get the care she needs. Their sensei, Misaki, asks them how Hiraku was injured. "So, how did she get injured, did she trip into the fire or something?" Gorou replies "No, she used the amazing jutsu that completely destroyed the enemy!" "Really? What happened?" This time, Ryo replies "She happened! You should have seen it, she summoned up this massive wave of lava, not once, but TWICE! It was amazing, when did you teach her that?" Yoshi barks affirmative to that. "I didn't..." Misaki is throughly confused, she had always assumed that Hiraku was a weak and useless individual who should have just stayed at home for all the good she did. Yes, she had always made good food and set up camp quickly, but that wasn't important, didn't need ninja skills to be done. She, more then a little jealous of Hiraku's sudden abilities (which far outstripped her own) decided to convince Gorou and Ryo and even Yoshi not to tell Hiraku about how powerful she really was "For her own sake. We don't want her hurting herself again, do we?"

Hiraku slept through all this, she was out cold again. Chakra levels had never been her strong suit, and she didn't have as swift a healing system as a shinobi from one of the clans. She slept for the next day, and missed the actual description of the third part of the exam.

"To the Extreme"

"Where am I...?" "Your in the tower hospital." "Wha... what happened? Where did the enemy go... the enemy!" Hiraku tries to sit up, only to find herself held down by tightly tucked in blankets. "Wha-" "Calm down Hiraku, your safe. Your team got you out before you were seriously injured. Well, before it was anything lethal." Hiraku is already feeling her stupidity, her arms and legs are in agony. She falls limp, eyes tearing up from the pain of it. After a moment, the pain dies down, and she asks, careful not to move, "What happened?" "You were badly burned when your jutsu backfired on you and nearly killed you, but your team was able to save you before you died." "They did? That's a relief... so... did we pass? Did I pass?" "Yes, Hiraku, you passed." This is her teacher, Misaki, speaking now, "But you still have a ways to go. What you did was very dangerous. You could have ended up dead, or worse, crippled. As it is, the jutsu wasn't even affective, it didn't get rid of your enemies, only slow them down. You need to learn more control, more power." Hiraku closes her eyes, thinking I still wasn't strong enough... even after all that training, I wasn't strong enough. Hiraku looks down, closing her eyes and sighing softly to herself...

Hiraku's team arrived two days before the actual testing, but there were few enough survivors that they didn't need preliminaries. So everyone was able to head home to sleep and grow stronger and recover and get some new jutsu. When Hiraku went home, she was instantly lectured by her uncle for not being there, and put back to work. Injured as she was, he didn't care. His house was messy, and the girl had returned so he expected it to be cleaned up. And Hiraku did. Her arms were bandaged up, and it still hurt her to move, but she did the work she was told to do, had come to consider part of life. Not that she was letter herself take a break. She went strait back to her strict training regime. She had one month to get ready for the final part of the exams, one short month to perfect her jutsu and become strong enough to use them without ill affects.

Because of how her team had dismissed her jutsu, Hiraku thought she hadn't improved all that much over the time she had been training. So she started training harder, during the day and night, along with all her other stuff. She still have bandages on her arms and legs, but she trained anyway, every day. She overtrained, trying so very hard to prove to herself and others that she was worth the effort. In her training, she moved around the surrounding landscape of the Leaf, increasing her endurance and speed and agility as she traveled. She also went to the training grounds, but soon realized she couldn't use her jutsu there, to risky, she could be seen by a future enemy. So she went exploring while she trained, trying to find a safe place to train.

It was early in the morning, the sun was just rising over the horizon. Dew misted the grass and leaves, and Hiraku's breath steamed in the air. The sun lit everything in a golden-gray light, catching on water droplets and spider webs covered with dew. It was Hiraku's first time outside this early in the morning, she was usually making her uncle breakfast right about now, but he was away for the next few days on a business trip. And Hiraku loved it! The vibrance of the morning, birds waking up, the sun reflecting off the clouds as the stars disappeared into the day. It was all new to her, she had never seen this before, only ever seen the day or the night, never the middle times. She was overjoyed, and she was training.

As she trained, she could feel herself growing stronger, growing more able to fight. She loved it! But what she needed more then anything else was a safe place to train with her Lava jutsu, where no one would be able to see her. It was only a matter of time before someone discovered the rocky remnants of her jutsu in a clearing or something. So she continued to search while training, looking for the perfect place to train. By happenstance that day, she was farther from the village then usual, and she had been up all night, so she wasn't at her best. She fell into a large ravine, and the sides were too dangerous to climb up. So Hiraku was forced to follow them downward, looking for a way up. She never did find a way out of her ravine. What she did find, however, was even better... As Hiraku traveled down the ravine, she heard water ahead of her, and then the sounds of animals foraging for food and drinking water and just plain living. She walked into a dense, bright forest. Mists were rising from water sources, a small water fall splashed down noisily into a pool, wind whispered through the trees and grass of this little valley. Birds twittered anxiously in the trees, deer ran through clearings and forests, and a single, massive tiger disappeared into the underbrush, vanishing from sight with it's striped coat of fur. Hiraku noticed and observed all these things with rapt attention, she had never really been in such an area like this, and area where animals didn't vanish when a human arrived. She knew she would do well here, and so she decided that this hidden valley would be her new training ground. After a few days of training there, Hiraku had her first face to face encounter with the tiger. She arrived at the valley early in the evening, right around when it started it's nightly hunt. She happened to walk right past it, attracting it's attention. So the large beast followed her, watching, waiting. As she walked calmly through the forest, Hiraku noticed a strange silence in the area around her, and realized somethin was wrong. So she looked into it, and saw the tiger following her. She pretended not to notice, but prepared herself for an attack. The tiger followed her all the way to a large clearing, her destination, and when she got to the center of the clearing, Hiraku spun and looked it right in the eyes. It seemed almost surprised at this, freezing, then lifting it's head to look at her with intelligent eyes.

Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 11.36.30 AM

The Tiger (photo from google)

As she looked into the mighty beasts eyes, she saw herself, as she wanted to be. Proud, defiant, strong of course, but also brave. Brave enough to know when you've screwed up, and brave enough to face it. She liked what she saw it the tiger's eyes, and The tiger must've liked what it saw in her eyes, because it nodded and then turned away, going to hunt in a different part of the valley that night. This would not be the last time Hiraku and the tiger would meet, but it would be the only time she ever looked it in the eye that close up. With the tiger's acceptance, the valley seemed to at least be... home, a secret, protected place where Hiraku could be herself without fear. It was her valley, and no one else's. Over the next two weeks, Hiraku went to that valley every night, from after her uncle went to sleep to early in the morning before the sky began to brighten. She was working on about 3 hours of sleep, which is not healthy. Hiraku was trying to fit the most training into the least amount of time.


Hiraku went to that valley for the next 2 weeks, which left her a week and 3 days to go before the next part of the chunin exams. Unbeknownst to her, she was starting to slip. She was forgetting things, behaving differently around people, and not doing all of her chores. She was pushing herself beyond her limits, beyond the limits that most people give up at. And people were noticing. It was her uncle who noticed first, but only because she forgot to take the trash out one morning. When Hiraku returned home, he punished her and sent her to her room for the rest of the night, without any food. That was the beginning of the end for her.

After that incident, she managed to pay more attention to her chores, but started slacking off with her teammates, with whom she was supposed to be training every so often. She missed, not one, but three separate training sessions. This got her teacher interested, maybe she was planning to quite, which would mean that the teacher would get a better, or at least different, student. The teacher asked her about it, and Hiraku told her that it was just an accident, she had been busy elsewhere. The teacher left it at that, and moved on. only 1 week 4 days left before the final part of the exams.

Hiraku then started to look noticeably tired, to the point that even her uncle noticed it. As she started to grow tired, she started to slip up more. She missed more of her training sessions, started forgetting more things with her uncle, and began to wake up later in the day. Then, one night, she went out to her valley and passed out from exhaustion there, having pushed too far, having tried too hard. She was out, and no one knew where she was.

    • Hiraku's uncle, as usual, noticed first, when he woke up and found her not yet awake, which was something normal for him now. "Damn girl. I should never have taken her in, she isn't worth the effort." He went upstairs to her room, with the intent of punishing her and waking her up. When he arrived, he found her room empty, the bed still made from last night. "Looks like she's already up an about, the little bitch. She's supposed to make me breakfast, not go out tramping around with her lousy friends! Well, she'll get what's hers when she comes back, the lousy little tramp." He then goes out to get himself drunk. When he returns that evening, the house looks like it hasn't been touched since he left, and he goes to check and see if Hiraku returned yet. She hasn't, and he decides to stay up and wait for her to return. She doesn't, and that's when he gets concerned. She had been a pretty decent source of income, and he got extra welfare for keeping her in his house. Beyond that she was useless to him, but those were two good reasons to keep her.
    • So, her uncles goes to the village center, looking for her. He asks her friends, and her teacher, but none of them have seen her since yesterday. He goes home feeling annoyed and angry, now he's going to lose his welfare have to start working again. In the village center, the shinobi decide to send her team out to look for her. They search up to half an hour away in all directions, but cannot find her. So next the village sends out a tracking team, one Hyuuga, one Inuzuka, and one Aburame. The team went out tracking her, as she was a shinobi of the leaf village, and the followed her trail to the valley she trained in. Upon entering it, they saw that all the creatures there seemed very friendly to humans, they even encountered a large tiger, which looked at them, then continued on it's way, seemily content with what it saw. As they got closer to Hiraku, they noted an increase is wildlife. More creatures, deer, foxes, insects, even wolves and another tiger (or maybe the same one). That confused them, as they were not used to such creatures looking at humans without fear. Then, one of them noticed Hiraku's body, lying slumped over on a large rock near the center of a clearing.
    • The Rock looked to be volcanic, and the top was worn smooth by Hiraku's training there. The shinobi who found her decided that she was safe enough where she was, and then went off to look around in the valley to see what they could find. They separately found obvious and less obvious signs of Hiraku's training, trees that were worn down from her practicing against them, fields that were made entirely of volcanic rock, cooled lava that had obviously been recent, though no volcanoes were in the area. They also found weapons that had been lost, all across the valley, but focused in certain locations. When they got back, however, they found Hiraku gone again. Of course, they cursed themselves for leaving her unsupervised, then they realized she had gone off in a panic back towards the village. They caught up with her, and told her to calm down and explain herself.
    • "Explanations"

"Mission to the Land of Winter" Arc

Coming Soon

"Successor" Arc

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Coming Soon

Current Times

  • Haya Michi convinces her to join his little group of travelers (him and Monomatari)
  • They join up with the Shinobu Family
  • A battle with Bandits occurs.

Skills and Abilities

Hiraku Sa Falnrii can use both fire and earth style jutsu, as she has both fire and earth nature chakra. Among the jutsu that she can use are the Fire Release: Flame Bullet, Earth Release: Mudwall, Lava Release: Lava Geysers, Lava Release: Lava Globs, Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique, and Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique. She can also use jutsu like shadow clones, transformations, the usual ninja abilities.

Hiraku can use the Flame Bullet 30 to 40 times in a single day, depending on the power. She can also use it in combination with her Earth Jutsu to create the Lava Globs, of which she can use 15-20 in a single day. She can also preform the Mudwall Jutsu, though that takes more chakra, 3 times in a day. Hiraku can use the Lava Geysers, Melting Apparition, and Quicklime Congealing Techniques 1 time each in battle, or one of them 3 times. They take about the same level of chakra to use for her. When using shadow clones, Hiraku can create up to 50 of them, but that's her limit if she wants to use other jutsu in a battle.

Hiraku also created her "hidden" jutsu, all Lava Release jutsu. Lava Release: Lava Tsunami melts the earth in front of her and then pulls the molten rock and earth and metals into a massive wave of lava that blows forward (similar to Garra's 'Sand Tsunami', but with lava and no sea of sand... yet). This wave hits everything in front of it with a solid wall of semi-molten earth, stone, and metals. The wave itself does both fire and force damage, burning anything that can be burned and crushing or pushing aside anything that can't be burned. Hiraku can only use this once in a day, but that's usually all she needs to use it for.

Lava Release: River of Lava causes the earth beneath Hiraku to melt, and melt deep down beneath, hundreds of feet underground, and about 50-60ft around her. On the surface it looks like nothing has happened, until she pulls the lava up toward her. Then it bursts out from underground like water from a dam, crushing everything it can't burn or melt fast enough. This jutsu, naturally, takes up a ton of chakra, but if done right it can destroy even more then the Lava Tsunami, because this river of lava can be manipulated and directed to a certain extent. It can aim itself and attack enemies, not just follow the lowest path or destroy everything in front of her. It can also take out some people while leaving others untouched, which her Lava Tsunami cannot do.

Lava Release: Ocean of Lava melts everything around Hiraku for hundreds of feet, in all directions. This takes far more chakra then any other jutsu she uses, and currently her limit is 300ft around her and 50ft below her, but if done correctly it can destroy entire armies, and create a vast reservoir of lava for Hiraku to use against her enemies. Once created, it generally takes a few days for the lake of lava to cool back down on the surface, and a few weeks for all the lava to become stone again. This jutsu is a "one in a week" type jutsu, in order to use it Hiraku must first open the first 3 of her chakra gates, then she can preform it, but she has to stand still or else it won't work properly. Finally, once the ocean of lava has been created, she must open another of her chakra gates (or more) if she wants to use any other jutsu that week. This is very stressful to her body, so she doesn't like to preform this jutsu often, naturally. She has trained with it, far from civilization, and each time she uses it, the ocean grows in size by abut 30ft around and 5ft deep.

Then, finally, there is her "Rain of Fire" jutsu, which literally creates fire out of the air, using her chakra as an energy source. This fire is then dropped onto the ground where it explodes in large globules of fire, which are hard to put out and burn swiftly and painfully through most flammable substances as well as skin and hair.

All of Hiraku's Lava Release jutsu need a source of earth nearby, she cannot pull lava out of the air on a scale large enough for her more powerful jutsu. The Lava Globes and Lava Geysers she can summon, but anything bigger then that and she doesn't have the chakra for it.

Besides jutsu, Hiraku can also use kunai, smoke bombs, and shuriken with some skill, but cannot use swords or knives. She has the skill to use swords and knives, but she doesn't like to use them because of her history with them. Hiraku can also use her fists pretty well when she needs to, and is skilled at using shadows to her best advantage when hiding or following someone.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Age:13 8 4 2 6 3 7 3 5 38


Hiraku Sa Falnrii is friends with Haya Michi and Monomatari, as well as a companion traveler with the Shinobu Family. She is currently considered a dangerous rouge ninja from the Land of Fire and the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and as such is often attacked by their shinobi.


"The past is solid, it never changes. Once you do something, you cannot undo it, you must live with your actions regardless of what you now think. Just as you must live with your own actions, so to must you live with the actions of others..."- Hiraku Sa Falnrii, Diary to Myself


  • DO NOT MAKE FUN OF MY DRAWING SKILLS! If you do I will return to favor in-kind, got it? I'm very sensitive about my drawing skills...
  • Hiraku Sa is the only part of the name that is "true" Japenese. The Falnrii is my own creation.
  • Hiraku Sa Falnrii was inspired mostly by the songs "You could be a Hero" and "Concrete Angle". Great songs, both of them.
  • This creation is most likely going to have a kekkei tōta, use of 3 chakra natures. Completely "cannon/fannon", as only Dust Release has actually been labeled as such.

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