Age 13
Height 5 2'
Weight 130lb
Gender Male
Race Human
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Nature Manipulation Types lightning, other various dragon jutsu
Affilitations Konohagakure
Family father name unknown
Titles dragon ninja
Teachers Kakashi Hatake, Iruka Umino,
jutsu raikiri, Lightning_Style:_Thunder_Dragon_Jutsu, [[]]


hiromoto was born into the hyuga clan. his father was very noble and loyal and his mom was very kind. when the uchiha masacre happened,his mom and dad went and confronted itachi before he left. itachi killed his parents, leaving hiromoto parentless. as a result of this, hiromoto grew up with the same goal as sasuke, to kill itachi. therefore hiromoto became good friends with sasuke. being the only one sasuke showed his kind side to. he was placed on a team with two others also unknown.


hiromoto was kind. but after his parents were killed he had a persoality much like sasukes. he acted all cool. with a defiant attitude. Hiromoto seems to be interested in dragons. you could obviously tell by what he wears.

part 1

hiromoto went on many missions. after that his sensei decided that they should participate in the chunin exams with the rest of the genin.hiromoto madeit to the finals. when the sound and sand invaded he fought with the rest of the leaf ninja. limimaru saw this and decided to capture him to be expeiremented on by orochimaru. hiromoto apperead to be no match for him. and was captured. orochimaru experimented on hiromoto by injecting uchiha blood into him. hiromoto escaped and went back to the village he reported to the hokage what orochimaru did to him and while he was talking his eyes started burning and it appeared that he had the sharingan. hiromoto then was tought by kakashi hatake in the way of the sharingan he also tought him the lighting blade since hiromoto had better chakra control than sasuke. after his train ing was done he found out that sasuke was defecting. right after sasuke defeted naruto hiromoto confronted him. sasuke ofered have hiromoto come with him but hiromoto refused. so sasuke attacks him after a fierce battle hitomoto had a lighting blade prepared to strike just when he was about to win, he passed out do to chakra exgastion. after he heals he realizes that sasuke left to gain power to defeat his brother he realizes that revenge is not the answer so he gives up on trying to kill itachi. instead he wants to bring sasuke back to the village. like naruto he leaves for two and a half years to train to master more jutsu.

part 2

when Hiromoto returned from his quest to gain more jutsu, Naruto happened to be arriving at the same time. the ran into eachother. after catching up they reported to the hokage. Tsunade said that they need to see how strong they got from this training. they were faced up against Kakashi Hatake. during the feirce battle,Hiromoto showed a variety of dragon type jutsu including water dragon jutsu. they were stunned to find out that Hiromoto had gained the mangekyou.

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