The Hirugakure Water Ops Squad serves as a task force for Hirugakure. They wear a dark blue outfit and patrol the waters of the Country. This village is normally selected for attack because of its ability to block from war due to the natural surrondings of hills and mountains. They were created by Mizutama in an attempt to stop the many raids on the country from the borders. They are currently lead by Mizutama's son Retsuokan (lit. Cold Chill).


Mizu Sutoraido no Jutsu- The user gains the ability to breath underwater for a certain period of time. They can usually last 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Mizukatana no Jutsu- The user will make a blade of water that is very effective in battle. Its durability can be changed at almost any time.

Suiton: Mizugufuu- The user will create a tornado of water that spins at high speeds and destroy's most objects in its path.

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